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TDTM: (Talk Dirty to Me) by J.A. Carter-Winward


What da cover says:  Chelsea’s having a bad day. Her mom blew up (long story), her husband left her for another man (long story), she lost her job and apartment (another long story), and the long and short of it is-she is out of options. But her estranged dead mother left her a way out, a way out of all of it. All she has to do is do the one thing she refuses to do: take over the family business. What is the family business? Sex, sex, and more sex. So what’s the big deal? Chelsea doesn’t like sex. Or people. Or things. Or gooey things. And she trusts them even less. So when she is thrust into her worst nightmare, Chelsea discovers some dark secrets that illuminate all of her long stories.

What I says:  Why is it that TDTM has sold only a tiny iddy-biddy-widdy fraction of the books that 50 shades of grey has sold?  When 50 shades is only a tiny iddy-biddy-widdy fraction good/classy/sexy as TDTM is? JA Carter-Winward, known worldwide as “The Queen Mother Cunt” (aka the QMC), is one of my favourite poets, her poetry is both honest and moving and I’ve always thought that was her best work.  I was wrong, TDTM has surpassed that, it is an incredible book and she has done something very very few women can do, allow men to see what goes on inside a woman’s head.

Chelsea is not a nice character, she is very insecure, especially when it comes to sex, and she has no filter on her mouth.  Her mother has died, her husband has left her for another man, she has lost her job and is about to lose her house, so you can see why she is so bitter.  She inherits her mum’s sex blog and porn movie business and she has to explore herself, both sexually and emotionally, if she is going to keep things going.  There is a lot of humour here, at times it feels a bit slapstick, but that is how I think it would be in real life situations, you’ll have to trust me on that as I don’t want to even slightly hint at any spoilers.

You may think this is a chick book but it seriously isn’t, I reckon this has been written for men so don’t be shy and read this stunning book.

I’ll feeling sad now because it is over, this book so needs a sequel.


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