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Korean Road: A Novella by Brian Scutt


What da cover says:  While facing the ghosts and horrors of the past, Dick comes to the realization that the frozen hell he survived generations before is a battleground he can never leave. Tortured by the ghost of a fallen Marine, he is faced with the truth, that it may be too late for not only himself but those he loves. Hell is cold, and Death stands at the end of his road, the Korean Road.

What I says:  Stunning writing here, in this novella Brian Scutt deals with some dark material.  The main character “Dick” went through some horrors in the Korean war, he had to do some terrible things to survive and this guilt lives with him forever.  At the time of this happening PTSD wasn’t recognised so Dick didn’t get the help he needed.  Now he is an old man and a series of events has lead him to fighting for his life again, unfortunately his old brain can’t stay focused and he keeps slipping back to Korea.

This is a fantastic book, very gripping and emotional, Dick is a brilliant character.  The plot is top notch but it does deserve to be longer, at times it feels a bit rushed and I had to reread a few pages as a sudden twist happened.  If the book was stretched out to double the number of pages and a bit more time spent on each scene then I reckon this could be a great book.


Big thanks to Brian for the review copy. You can find Brian on Goodreads and Twitter.

You can purchase his book here.


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