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The Miracle Adjuster by Simon Campbell

miracle adjusterWhat da cover says:  The thing about the truth is; it doesn’t get out much…

Colin Jekyll is an ‘Events Manager’. And a liar. Colin’s real name is Frank Canon, and his real job title is ‘Reality Enforcer’. And the lies don’t stop there; they only get bigger.

Canon works for the Agency, protecting the status quo. A multilingual lone wolf with an unreliable history and a fear of flying, Canon covers up continuity errors; those inexplicable events most other people call ‘miracles’. He adjusts outbreaks of clairvoyance and drunken weather, weeping statues and spontaneous dancing plagues before they become common knowledge, and before people begin to panic, because people’s faith in consensus reality needs to be enforced.

Fortunately for Frank and the Agency, most people are naturally suspicious of the truth.

What I says: This book has to be the funniest thing I read in 2016, it’s incredibly zany, it does remind me of Dirk Gently’s series, in fact if Douglas Adams was still around I reckon this book would get his backing. The story is complex, I’ll admit I didn’t get all of it, to fully understand every plot twist and plot hole then it is going to take a few more readings. One thing I always find funny is repetition, if a joke keeps getting mentioned again and again then I’ll laugh louder each time, this book does that a lot. As I said the plot is complex but if you pay attention you’ll be able to keep up, there are some well developed characters too, Rashid the lovable Terrorist was my favourite, his introduction into the story was the highlight for me. A lot of work and research has been put into coming up with theories that are believable and my favourite was the explanation of why you’re not allowed to smile in your passport photo, it makes so much sense to me now. A sign of a good book is if I have to tell people bits and pieces from it and with the angry looks my wife was giving me I must have been doing this a lot.

Coincidentally, whilst reading this book a lot of unexplainable things were spotted by myself in the news; “Donald Trump elected President” “Sunderland AFC won two premiership games in a row” “A woman has been banned from all UK cinemas for taking a dump in the pick n mix” and “A woman in Wigan gives birth to a chimp” It’s certainly a crazy world, so maybe this amazing book could just possibly be true!


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