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Fowl Play by Jay Spencer Green


What da cover says:  Ladies’ man Josiah Joshua Jordan King is a rising star for the Trafford Titans in the new and wildly popular sport of Chicker. But he’s also a professional hitman and union buster on behalf of the league’s management. With the European Championship final against Barcelona looming, he gets wind of a filthy commie plot to scupper the whole shebang. Can he lead his team to victory while neutralizing the Reds, or will his dreams of international glory be thwarted by a faceless conspiracy that threatens civilization itself?

A mutant cross-breed of Rollerball, The Wicker Man and Chicken Run, Fowl Play is satirist Jay Spencer Green at his weirdest and most outrageous, a laugh-out-loud dark comedy in which the headless chickens are not confined to the farmyard.

What I says: Jay Spencer Green’s third novel is one impressive story, part sports novel….part dystopian….part sex diary….part thriller. Jay’s biggest strength in his writing is his characters, they are always well developed and easy to love, the two stand-out characters here at Jo and the mighty mighty “Stumpy Sue”. Jo is our narrator, MVP of the game “Chicker”, assassin and connoisseur of women…and their knickers. Stumpy Sue was bloody brilliant, 11 year old girl with one hell of an attitude, I am certain she will one day grow up to have a dragon tattoo.

I’m not gonna say too much about the plot as it will give too much away, you’ll have to read the blurb to find out more. Jay’s humour is there throughout the whole book and also included are glimpses of his paranoia.

One thing I think is missing from the book is the rules of the game Chicker…How am I going to start my Chicker training without knowing the rules?

All in all another brilliant read.


You can get the book from HERE>


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