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Route Number 11 Argentina, Angels and Alcohol by Harry Whitewolf

30422065What da cover says:  On the back of a bad break-up, the beat-up tourist suddenly finds himself all alone in Argentina with only an abundance of beer for company.

With no plans, no time limit and sometimes no sense, the nameless British beatnik travels through a blur of smoky bars, sexy señoritas, lonesome backpackers, small town locals, city dwellers, magnificent mountains and awe-inspiring waterfalls, whilst being guided by the mysterious 11:11 Phenomenon.

Not only does the tourist roam around Argentina, he also finds himself unexpectedly crossing the borders to Paraguay, Chile and Brazil, where drunken adventures and spiritual insights await him.

Set in 2011, this true story reads almost like fiction. Written in a unique and distinctive style and told in a tangle of cut-up twisted timelines, Route Number 11 is a beat-driven, beer-drinking, drug-taking, chica-chasing, soul-searching, backpacking bonanza of a book which, if nothing else, will make you never want to experience the awfulness of reggaeton music.

What I says:  Boy! I really hate this author, not long into starting this book I started to see 11s everywhere, I seemed to travel to work every morning and the temperature would be 11C. Luckily for me my ignorance managed to defeat the universe and the 11s stopped appearing to me. Jason 1-0 Universe!

At first I thought the book had got screwed up as everything was out of order, I had go on Goodreads and read the blurb to find out it was supposed to be like that. I have to admit I didn’t really get why things were written like that, but when I got near the end of the book it all clicked and everything made perfect since, the last chapter works surprisingly well.

Harry Whitewolf has done a great job of showing just how hard it is travelling alone, the dark depressions, the loneliness and the high of making a new friend. I’ve always pictured travelling as being great fun 100% of the time. He has also cleverly got you really involved with the characters, it’s like you have made a new friend too.

I really enjoyed this and am looking forward to his new books coming out soon.


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