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6 Stories by David S. Wills

21373516What da cover says:  “6 Stories” is the debut short story collection by David S. Wills, author of The Dog Farm and Scientologist! William S. Burroughs and the “Weird Cult”, and editor of Beatdom magazine.

In this collection a woman is retweeted by Zach Braff, a man is afraid to say the word “pussy”, the American Dream is finally achieved against the backdrop of a peaceful alien invasion, a man learns to talk to his cat, an internet troll takes his trolling offline, and two men play a mysterious game called “stickmen”.

What I says:  The thing that made me check out this book was the cover, it is so simple and cute, and that works really well,  a cartoon drawing of a cat driving a UFO, what’s not to like? I had read a bit of David’s work in a couple of his Beatdom magazines, but this is very different from that.

There are 6 short stories here, they are slightly dystopian and end up bit quite funny, I’m not sure if that was intentional but I had a good laugh. There is a warning about the future of Twitter, alien invasions and offline trolling.

My favourite has to be about the man who could talk to his cat, every time my cat walks into the room it shouts at me (even if it has just been fed) and I am always wondering what it’s trying to say. I have also experienced being herded towards the cupboard with food.  In fact the cat is staring at me whilst I write this, if I make eye contact she will shout.

I recommend giving this light hearted collection of short stories a go, it’s a fun read.


3 thoughts on “6 Stories by David S. Wills

  1. That cover really is cute and the stories sound fanastic! I am intrigued by the future of Twitter…

    As for your talking cat, I used to have a weird, long haired cat and he was really adorable and cuddly, but whenever he saw my dad he’d start demanding for food! I often recall the ‘dialogue’ from my father’s room as he had his shot of vodka and the cat yelling at him and him yelling back to it to shut up 😀 hilarious!

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