Reader Interview: Liz Scanlon

Hello everybody, after the hugely successful reader interview with Alison, who has had to go hide in the Scottish hills due to all the authors now hunting her down for sport, this time we are travelling further afield to somewhere I’ve never visited before Ireland (Sounds like a place full of rainbows), please welcome Liz Scanlon.


Liz is a fellow Cape wearer, opting for the “pants-on-the-inside” look, with some very cool looking boots. As you can see her identity has been protected by the security forces at Tesco.

Q1: Here it is, the most important question never asked of a President wannabe: Gnomes! Are they heroes or Villains? Also, what year do you think they will take over the world?

Gnomes have already taken over the world! We just haven’t noticed it because they’re tricky like that. I think they’re potentially the necessary evil! Cute on the outside, great hidden depths in the inside and get shit done.

Q2: Has a book ever inspired you to visit where it was set or follow a particular route the characters took?  If not is there a story you’d fancy basing a road trip on?

If we’re talking fictional worlds, then I think the world that has been created by Marian L Thorpe in her Empire’s Legacy series, book 3. The city is called Casil and it would be a discovering man’s wet dream. Oh, Jen Williams created some great visual too in her Ninth Rain book with mushroom forests and weird alien beings- that would be ace… In real world? Yeahh, I mean who wouldn’t want to travel the world?

Q3: What is your favourite book and why?

The Sorrows of Young Werther by Goethe Tragic, romantic, unbelievable emotion, translated to English beautifully and with a great historic background. I mean, Napoleon commended the book and first copycat suicides happened because of this book… It’s just mind blowingly incredible specimen of literature, for sure.

Q4: Hardcopy, Kindle or Audio?

I personally don’t get along with audiobooks because my attention just goes poof! Hard copy, paperback, Kindle- tattered, new, semi decent: all goes!

Q5: If you were to stalk an author, who would it be and how would you go about it?

Does the author have to be alive at present?

Don’t see why that should be an issue, all good stalkings end in a death (Rule of Misery) 

Ok, from author’s who live, I’d like to stalk Laurent Binet because the way he wrote HHhH was so maddening, a reader can feel his passion. So, I’d probably like just appear at his doorstep, lie to him that I have important historical information and then just wing it… Have cups of coffee with him and suck all his knowledge in like a sponge… He’d be inspirational for sure…

From the dead authors, I’d like to use Wells’s time machine and go hang with Orwell in London and Paris.. I’d give him a cigarette and we’d be best buddies! 

Q6: You heard of Desert Island Discs? Well this is Dessert Island Books.  Pick one Dessert and 3 books to get stranded with on an Island.

Ha! Getting stranded – hashtag life goals!

Dessert: honey cake (yummmyyyy)

Book 1: The Satanic Bible (to keep me grounded)

Book 2: The Good Soldier Shvejk (to keep me entertained)

Book 3: Andersen’s fairy tale collection (to keep the nostalgia)

Q7: What’s the first book you remember reading?

Oh blimey! It’s all a bit hazy from back then… And I read a lot… Um… I’m going to go with the earliest- Mickey Mouse comics! Do they count?

Of course they do, I reckon comics got a lot of kids into reading books 

Woop! I had a massive stack of the comics.. all piled up, the collection was actually taller than me. Shout-out to my sister for keeping them coming, haha…

Q8: What book would you recommend to somebody who wants to get in to reading more books?


It depends… What are they into? I wouldn’t push a classic on them, more something exciting and fun and gripping to prove that reading can make a heart beat faster! Again, there’s loads to pick from


Let’s say they’re a fantasy reading folk… I’d send them Ravencry or Kings of the Wyld… OR if they’re into experimenting with something a bit more out there and had an open enough mind: Prezident Scumbag! All the way

Hell yeah!

Scumbag was hilarious! Yeah, pop that one as number one! A bit of shock factor never hurt one!

Q9: I see from your blog that you have started to dabble in the art of writing, so lets put those skills to good use, you have been tasked with rewriting Fifty shades of Grey, what would you change from this perfect book?

Oh, dude… I’d totally go back to the drawing board. Now, I haven’t nor am I planning to read it, but I’ve done my research on it… It’s out there, right? So, I’d put a twist on it and turn what’s-her-name into a blow up doll character and write about the culture of blow up dolls being used as a means to battle loneliness. That means Christian Grey may or may not turn into an slightly creepy older character who likes to put the doll sitting on the front seat of his car, tied up to the dash as he goes about his daily shopping.

Q10:  Now is your chance to make a demand of all the many authors who will read this blog…What story would you like to see written?

Interesting question! And a difficult one! A lot of the stories are out there already in one form or the other, but I would like more of the unapologetic and real human condition delivered with no apologies… More of the human in the real world, with real struggles, more of the underdog!

Harry Potter: Adventures of the Hufflepuffs?

Oh god no!

I mean, there’s plenty of stories of people in high places suffering and everyone feeling sorry for them…

Time to put the regular Joe Soap into the spotlight, because for every celeb wedding or funeral there are hundreds or regular people going through the same thing… Eh, it’s a really simple example, but it’s the same with everything…I mean.


And that’s that, if you fancy honey cake and Satan then go find Liz stranded on a certain island. I’d like to say thanks to Liz for taking part in this here crazy interview.  If you want to follow/stalk her or if you want an advanced copy of her version of Fifty shades of grey then you can find her on Twitter and be sure to check out her awesome blog.

6 thoughts on “Reader Interview: Liz Scanlon

  1. Thanks for including me here! 🙂 Had tons of fun and I think the fact the interview took place ‘live’ through a chat really helped with the quickfire answers… I didn’t have time to think about my answers that much and it was interestingly challenging 🙂 hehehe… Cheers!

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