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Horror Sleaze Trash Poems edited by Arthur Graham


What da Cover Says:  A collection of submissions sent to Horror Sleaze Trash Publications.

What I Says:  I took my time reading this collection, savouring the fine poems contained within.  One of the things I dislike with their quarterly releases is the length, you just get into it and boom it’s over.  In this book that has been overcome as you get 240 pages crammed full of poems/prose by some of my favourite writers, Johnny Scarlotti, Ben John Smith, Scott Laudati, Rebecca Gransden, A. Lynn Blumer, John D. Robinson and Leah Mueller just to name a few….even the mighty Harry Whitewolf manages to slip one in. (hehe)

The book has been nicely split into THREE parts, poems based around Horror, Sleaze and Trash….and a fourth part at the end which I think is the editors ripping off the Marvel movies by giving you an extra bit at the end.

There was one poem that stood out far above the others which I’ll include here as a sample to entice you into giving the book a go, this is the best poem I’ve read this year:

Rhetorical Question
David Boski
after sitting there
to their tedious conversation
where they relentlessly insulted
all men
all walks of life
referring to them with names
such as:
amongst other things
while suggesting that
it was impossible
for them to find
even remotely
worth dating
in this
big city of ours
I finally
took a sip of my beer
and proposed
a simple question –
“did you ever think that,
perhaps you’re a cunt?”
This book lives up to it’s name as being horrifying, sleazy and trashy and I highly recommend it because it is also great fun.


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