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Blowfly by Thumper Devotchka

49080736What Da Cover Says: Horror Sleaze Trash proudly debuts the poems of Thumper Devotchka.

What I Says:  I have seen a few poems by Thumper Devotchka in the HST quarterly publications and have liked what I’ve read so far, so when I saw that Thumper had released a debut collection I jumped at the chance of giving it a read.

It is a fine collection, full of self-doubt and insecurity.  Thumper comes across as a young person still trying to find their identity, this search produces some touching pieces of prose:

It’s not a funny joke
when you call me bisexual.
I’m not anything,
I’m just

Thumper’s mental health gets a mention too, how they are told it is all in their head, so many people have to deal with unhelpful comments like that and Thumper’s response is proper good:

Which is the point:
It’s in my head,
and I didn’t put
it there.

I have enjoyed this collection, I did feel that it was over too quick and that I might have missed things so I did the sensible thing and read it 3 times.  Each time I did spot something I’d missed.  Looking forward to what is next for Thumper.


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