Book Reviews

Enter the Aardvark by Jessica Anthony


What Da Cover Says:  Only one thing stands between Alexander Paine Wilson and his destiny… and it has long ears, spoon-like claws and a tubular snout…

Republican congressman Alexander Paine Wilson is determined that nothing will stop him in his campaign for re-election. Not the fact that he is a bachelor, not the fact that his main adversary Nancy Beavers – married, with children – is rising in the polls. Nothing. That is, until one hot day in August, he receives a large parcel via FedEx. Inside is a gigantic taxidermied aardvark.

This aardvark has a surprising history – from the Victorian naturalist who discovered it to the taxidermist who deemed it his finest creation. But for Wilson, the entrance of the aardvark sets off a chain of events that threaten to ruin his entire career.

What I says:  I do love stumbling across an unknown book and finding out that it is a brilliant read, that is what happened with “enter the aardvark”.  A political satire that captures the madness of politics and news media perfectly.  Alexander Paine Wilson is a politician that pushes crazy laws about same sex marriage and abortions by day and at night is completely oblivious that he is breaking the laws he is trying to enforce, in my opinion that fits the average politician in the UK.

That is just half the story of this book, the second half is about a Victorian Taxidermist working on his masterpiece…the Aardvark…all whilst dealing with his sexuality.  All woven into this story is the Aardvark, written with a wry humour just like Kurt Vonnegut would have used.  It is not slapstick funny but there were loads of times I found myself shaking my head with a grin on my face.  There are quite a few plot twists and Wilson’s epic realisation at the end was a smart way to tie up any loose ends.

I have enjoyed this book big time, some very good characters and who in their right mind couldn’t love the aardvark?


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