Book Reviews

Picnic with Picasso by Anthony E. Thorogood

33023631What Da Cover Says:  It should be the lead up to the happiest day of Jack Hamma’s life, he is to be married to the beautiful Kashmere, or is he? Jack awakes imprisoned in a blacked out cellar, not only that, he is totally incarcerated in a wooden frame. Can Jack escape in time? Will Kashmere believe his strange tale? How do Picasso, a baby boy, and Little Miss Jabber fit into this mysterious plot?  The Murray River in outback Australia is the setting for this not to be missed tale of high adventure.

What I Says:  Book 3 in the Jack Hamma series and it doesn’t disappoint.  Jack is about to get married but wakes up all tied up in a cellar, once he escapes the book becomes about surviving in the outback.  Jack deals with this crisis, hairy bikers, unbearable heat and a chatty girl all with his usual sense of humour.

I’ve enjoyed this story very much, as a character Jack develops big time in this book and he picks up one of his greatest habits, collecting people….he will help anybody in need, putting himself in danger if necessary.  This is the book where he crosses that line between private detective and superhero private detective.  Thorogood has created another brilliant character…Little Miss Jabber….totally adorable, a cheeky young thing who I say deserves her very own spin-off adventure book.

Another very entertaining action packed book full of top notch jokes.  Highly recommended by me.


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