Book Reviews

Blind Man’s Buff by Anthony E. Thorogood


What Da Cover Says:  Jack is in the Australian bush, it’s pitch black, there’s a thunderstorm and an old tree crashes down, Jack takes shelter from the thunder, lightning and torrential rain and then he hears a scream.

What I Says:  This is a far grittier Jack Hamma than you’ll be used too, the fighting is harder and more desperate.  The opening scene is a right corker!  It is nighttime in the middle of a storm, Jack is involved in unarmed close combat with a mountain of a man, this is the closest Jack has got to death as he is easily over-powered by this beast.  The fight is at Thorogood’s usual epic pace and by the end of the scene this reader was left out of breath.

The after-effects of this fight is Jack is blind and has no memory.  The bad guys are waiting for revenge, the police are waiting to pin the blame on him and his only help is from his nurse.  I have enjoyed this, watching Jack still able to function minus his sight is very reminiscent of Zatoichi the blind samurai, Jack takes his usual awesomeness to a whole new level.

How does Jack keep getting himself in these crazy situations?  It’s all down to him trying to save any lady in distress.  Great stuff as usual from Thorogood.


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