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Horror Sleaze Trash: Prose in Poor Taste Vol. 2


What Da Cover Says:  HST: Prose in Poor Taste returns with yet another volume of pure wickedness.  Featuring: Arthur Graham, Joseph RidgwellMick RoseTom LeinsLeah MuellerAndrew DarlingtonJames BurrJohn Patrick Robbins, Gary D. MortonChris CookAngelica ArsanR.J. RobertsTom OverJames BabbsChristy AldridgeMichael MarrottiPeter CaffreyStephanie M. WytovichPaul HeatleyMark MellonDouglas HackleLee KirkJudge Santiago BurdonDavid SpreheLeo X. RobertsonPatrick WintersL MurphyLucas ChapmanJim FarrenGarvan GiltinanOliver LodgeRichard FairclothMatthew LichtBen FittsStephen McQuigganOliver StansfieldMade in DNACharles Austin Muir.

What I Says:  Now this is a mighty fine collection of horrifying sexy sleaze, if you are a character from The Hills Have Eyes, or a cyborg from the future or a puppet that has come to life then this is the book for you.  I’ve been reading the short stories on HST’s blog for a while now and it is great to see they have released a huge collection of them in a book.

There is a lot of sex included and I think the only way to describe it is moist!  There is plenty of horror too, proper b-movie horror, the stuff that makes you laugh as you read about all the tearing and rending.  Bizarro fiction gets a look in too, a couple of stories that are so bizarre you’re left chuckling to yourself “what the hell was that all about”.

Highlights for me, futuristic sci-fi relationship between a monster hunter and his bike, a Demoness trapped by a wizard to make sandwiches and do other stuff, a serial killer playing hide and seek with his unwary victim and the final story…a virus slowly killing off the human race….that’s right this book is a prophesy!

One story needs a special mention as it had such a unique style of writing that it stood above all the others…Cubesville by Mick Alberts…it is a violent invasion by aliens written in the Beat style, very clever stuff and one story I went back to read again.

So to conclude if you like your short stories moist then read this, if you are easily offended then read it also and complain big time about how violated you felt and if you voted for Trump then…..ah nevermind you wouldn’t get it.


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