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Cut Stones and Crossroads A Journey in the Two Worlds of Peru by Ronald Wright


What Da Cover Says:  Travelling through Peru, tracing the history of the Incas from their royal cities of Cusco and Machu Picchu to their mythic origin in Lake Titicaca, Ronald Wright explores a land of contrasts – between Indian and Spanish, past and present, coastal desert and snow- crowned Andes.

Yet Wright is equally interested in the chance encounters of the road. With admiration, humour and a wry anger, he brings to life the complex culture of an ancient land seeking its place in the modern world.

What I Says:  I really enjoyed the dual timelines in this book, having somebody so knowledgeable take on this modern day journey through Peru whilst walking us through the history of the Incas and their eventual downfall at the hands of the Spanish made for some very interesting reading.  This was Wright’s first book, being inspired by another book whilst ill he decided to publish his travels, he was brave to republish this edition without doing any editing.  It doesn’t feel like a debut, these are the words of an adept author.

Wright fully immerses himself in the culture, sleeping wherever he can, eating local food and chatting with everybody he meets.  Without doing that he wouldn’t get the stories and local history included in this book.  He has a real love of the country and it’s indigenous people and that really comes across in the book, getting angry and lashing out at those who are racist and being heartbroken at the damage caused by tourists, it really is depressing the lack of care humans can have for each other.

Peru has a fascinating history and this book is jam packed with great account of it’s people, certainly one to read again in the future.

Thanks to Eland for the copy, you can buy a copy from HERE.


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