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East Coast Road by Anna Chilvers

What Da Cover Says: As university term gives way to the summer break Jen is plagued by dark memories and the only person there for her is her cousin – a cousin that no one else can see – together they embark on a journey that changes Jen and her world forever. ‘Haunting, shape-shifting and tense, ‘East Coast Road’ takes the reader on a thrilling quest which challenges our preconceptions. Chilvers is a master storyteller and she guides us through the complexities of devotion, faith, tenderness, grief and desire, all set against the rugged coastal edges of north east England.’

What I says: If you were to only ever read one book in your life then make sure it is this one, it has the power to make you wanna pick up another book just to experience the rush that only a great story teller can give the reader. I started this book mainly because of my faith in Bluemoose books, I knew nothing of this author’s previous work and had zero idea of what this book was about, all I had to go on was a fantastic cover and the fact that Bluemoose had not let me down so far….no pressure then!

The story follows Jen, a young lady at university, and a wide range of surreal characters who have something slightly off about them. They embark on a journey along the East coast of the UK and it is one strange journey as the scenery keeps changing it is as if time is moving back and forth. You know when you see something out the corner of your eye and when you look there is nothing there? this book gives off that same uncertainty, you see something in the story and you go aaahhh I know what is going on….well there is a high chance you’ll be wrong. You can tell from the tone of the story that something tragic has happened in the past and as Jen travels along the east coast the past gradually starts to be revealed. I loved that for most of this book I had no idea what was going on, who was real, what was true and why were things happening…this just made those big reveals at the end much more sweeter, it damn well nearly blew my mind…one bit actually made me say F*** out loud.

The writing is brilliant, not a word has been wasted and every question I had was answered by the end. As for the ending it was perfect, I couldn’t put the book down and managed to cook dinner somehow whilst having my head in this book. This book here is a perfect example of why you should check out Independent Publishers because they are putting out some truly extraordinary books.

Thank you to Bluemoose books for the review copy of this book and for more info on the East Coast Route check out Anna Chilver’s Blog HERE:


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