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Any Day You Can Die by Thommy Waite

What Da Cover Says: Medellín, Colombia. The City of Eternal Spring. Mecca for digital nomads.

Recently single and burnt out from Melbourne’s corporate scene, Tony Fletcher heads to Medellín in search of a reset.

After moving into a frat house in the city’s nightlife hub, Tony becomes fascinated by the burgeoning gringo subculture that’s fueled by sex, drugs and currency arbitrage. Adrift and dead broke, Tony launches a dubious business on the dark web and gets thrust into the world of international drug trafficking.

Under the cloak of a sham crypto coin, Tony and his associates begin living out their wildest fantasies. Yet there’s trouble in paradise – the natural order has been disturbed. No one climbs to the top without stepping on some toes.

Every day is a blessing. Every friend could be a foe. Every dream can become a nightmare.

What I Says: Oh Boy! It’s been a while since I’ve read a transgressive novel as good as this, a proper good romp filled with sex drugs, booze, a wee bit more sex and a pinch more drugs and a whole load of intrigue. Imagine the guys from trainspotting with some crazy IT skills, picture the damage and chaos they could cause and that is the book you’ve got here. It also has the added bonus of possibly being real, could the author of this book actually be the narrator? and do I have the balls to call the narrator of this story a complete arse? (oops that word will block this review on amazon)

Our arse of a narrator arrives in Colombia in a city called Medellín and very quickly gets himself holed up in a pad with three other guys, each one is very different and one constant thought I had whilst reading this was things are gonna go wrong soon, such different personalities together in such a small place isn’t gonna end well. The narrator is Tony, an aspiring writer and he tells us his story of how these lads come together to conquer the dark web, Tony is incredibly destructive and hot-headed and he gives the reader some absolute gems of rants, I loved how America is referred to as Trumpistan…that is a word I shall be using on a regular basis. There is only one possible outcome to this story, the brown stuff is going to hit the fan, that much is stated from the start, it is a case of who will survive? and who is on what side? I can’t believe how close I was to getting it right.

I’m certain that this book is gonna offend a lot of people and there are some guaranteed 1 star reviews on the horizon, being a transgressive writer that comes with the territory, the joy will be seeing just how offended those people get. As for me I loved it, I was left wanting more and to see at the end of the book there is going to be a sequel makes me very happy, more craziness will be going down and all in the middle of a pandemic. Hoorah! You seriously have to give this one a go, epic stuff!

One more thing….The cover is a thing of genius, get yourself a copy just to see how the blurb on the back has been done, a real piece of class there.

Thanks to Thommy Waite for getting in contact and sending me a copy to review. You can get info on where to by a copy of the book from HERE:


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