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Wade by J.A. Carter-Winward

What Da Cover Says: Except for being the only man in town who had never set foot in either of its brothels, Wade Kendall couldn’t be more ordinary. A retired life-insurance salesman, father of two grown sons, and former full-time caregiver to his wife, who died of cancer just 8 months earlier, Wade now finds himself alone, unable to tread water. In fact, it’s sink or swim, and he’s got no idea which way to shore. As he attempts to connect to his new life and reconnect with his adult sons, Wade finds himself drawn to a most unlikely source of hope—the pink-neon lights of the legendary Lil’ Mamacitas. But what Wade finds within the dim, hazy interior of the brothel isn’t at all what he could have imagined, and for Wade and all who join him, nothing will ever be the same.

What I Says: I honestly do not know enough words to do this book justice, so I’m going to use a Gaelic word as it deserves something special….This book is Sgoinneil!

JACW has such a way with words and it doesn’t take long before the characters start to affect you, soon after you are introduced to Wade you find yourself caring for him and hoping that he makes the right choice ASAP even though you still have over 200 pages to go and as soon as you are introduced to more characters you want it all to work out for them too.

In Wade JACW explores various mental health issues, from war vets to widows, from ex-addicts to the stresses of being a parent and trying to raise your kid right, there is a lot in this book to learn about what other people go through and maybe you’ll even spot a part of yourself within these pages. Wade spends a lot of time visiting a sex worker at a brothel and that sex worker is the second voice in this book, JACW uses diary entries to share Sienna’s voice and that works well, we get to see the person behind the sex worker front that her customers see and she shares her own insecurities and her thoughts on Wade, a very clever way of adding an extra dimension to the story.

I don’t know how JACW does it, I don’t normally read books like this but as soon as I pick up one of her books I instantly fall for it. As I was finishing this one I was out in the garden with it starting to get dark and I just couldn’t put it down or stop to get a light, it had to be finished there and then, there was no way I was going to bed with that emotional weight sat on my chest. And what an ending it was!

One of JACW’s strengths is the research she does for her books, the interviews she carries out with real life people is what makes her writing so special and is probably why it effects this manly man so much. If you’ve never anything by this author before then you are missing out big time because this is one of the most Sgoinneil books I’ve ever read.

You can get yourself a copy of the book from HERE.

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