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Creepy Sheen by Rebecca Gransden

What Da Cover Says: For decades, Humankind sent transmissions around the globe. In addition to reaching every corner of the planet, the signals travelled beyond, into the dark void of space. All of broadcast history made its way gracefully through the stars, racing into the unknown—until the mid 1980s, when nuclear mushroom clouds plumed in the skies of Earth’s Third World War.

The magnitude of the explosions caused the extinction of life on Earth, and sent a shockwave through the fabric of reality. Due to this anomaly, all broadcasts running at the time of the bombs hurtled into space at an impossible speed. The signals, disobeying natural laws, outran and passed all transmissions from previous eras, leaving them far behind. At the head of Earth’s messages to the cosmos travelled the collective broadcasts from one atomic day in history.

In a remote star system, eyes turned towards the approaching 1980s transmissions.

Curious consciousnesses examined the broadcasts from the strange extinct civilisation of Earth. Filled with these transmissions, the distant consciousnesses devised their response. They returned it in the form of their own transmission, directed back to the origin of its inspiration—1980s Earth.

That transmission is Creepy Sheen.

What I Says: If there is one thing I’ve learnt from reading Gransden is that her writing infiltrates your subconscious and starts to mess with your dreams…cue vivid dreams about me trying to pick up purple rat crystals in a dark alley. As with her other books it took me a couple of stories to get into the rhythm, not a fault with the writing, it’s just there is nothing out there like this, such a unique style that takes you on some crazy rides and makes you ask 20 questions every few seconds but once you’ve gotten used to things you are then hooked.

In each of the chapters it feels like you have been dropped into the middle of a story, it leaves you feeling displaced and you can easily pick up the tension of the characters, you ever seen an episode of the twilight zone? You get that great start that fills you with unease and then the story kicks off, that’s what it feels like with this book and it makes it fun to read. Highlights for me were; “Arcady” it was scary, the sort of story that lacks any hope at all and yet you still cheer on the hero. “Tranquilisers at the Mall” was just plain old messed up, only a few pages long but just long enough to toy with your mind. Favourite was “Infomercial for a Dying World” apart from the great title the story captures the human spirit for carrying on regardless even in the face of impending doom.

This book captures the aura of the 1980’s you can almost hear the sound of a cassette clicking in the background. It was great fun reading it and now I’m off to lie in a bright room filled with lots of calming soft things.

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