2021 top 11 books

Ey up! New format this year, gonna do my top eleven (everybody does 10 but I’m that much more awesome than them) instead of the usual award ceremony, nobody ever turned up to collect the awards and handsome cheque so I’ve decided to do what others do and pick my favourite 11 books I’ve read this year and laugh maniacally at those that didn’t make the cut. I managed to read 71 books this year…pretty sure I had double that number arrive in the post 🙂 overall most of them were spectacular, with a couple of lame books I managed to find. So here it is the top 11……..

11: Marram by Leonie Charlton

I loved this journey up the Hebrides on a Highland pony, Ross was a lovely pony and I still keep an eye out for Leonie’s tweets for more photos.

10: OOF by Strobe Witherspoon

Such a clever book, using different styles of writing to weave an absurd plot that seems to be getting closer to reality every day. Laughed loads at this one.

9: Leonard and Hungry Paul by Ronan Hession

A wonderful feel good story with some fabulous characters, the last book of the year and one I left way too long to get around to reading.

8: Your Dark Meaning, Mouse by Stephen Moles

Pure madness was this one, I really enjoyed the journey this book took me on and it is still affecting me today, I find myself getting confused over the title of a certain Beatles song.

7: Transit of Venus by Julian Evans

I read 4 books that were published by Eland and this was the pick of them, I enjoyed reading as Evans explored an area I knew so little about.

6: The Hierarchies by Ros Anderson

One of the books I’ve recommended the most this year, brilliant story, ya really need to check it out.

Things are getting tough now. Some books I loved aren’t gonna make the cut. Gonna make a cup of tea whilst I think….

5: The Lip by Charlie Carroll

I’ve been a fan of Charlie Carroll’s books for a few years now and his first fiction novel was a huge success in my opinion.

4: Out Front the Following Sea by Leah Angstman

Biggest surprise of the year for me, I don’t tend to give this sort of book a chance but am so please I did. Great fun to read with some impeccable research carried out to make it authentic…and if like me you are a fan of maps in books then check this one out for some beautiful additions.

Here we go, the top 3!!!

3: The Heeding by Rob Cowen, Nick Hayes (Illustrator)

This was the book we all needed after a crazy couple of years, wonderful poetry blended with some stunning illustrations. Some heart-breaking moments followed by a poem that truly lifts you up. A book that shall be read again and again.

2: In the Shadow of Time by Kevin Ansbro

If you’ve read this book then you’ll understand why this rates so high. A time travel book full of the nicest people ever, it is so uplifting that you are left with a smile on your face until the next time you watch the news.

1: Queen of the Cicadas by V. Castro

I don’t read many books in the horror genre because it feels very samey these days, not easy to shock me or keep me interested, but Queen of the Cicadas was a HUGE success. It was like going back in time to when I first fell in love with reading, I got a real buzz from the tense scenes as they gradually built up to that moment of horror. A wonderful book and my top read of 2021.

Thats it, sorry to those I couldn’t add, next year I’m only going to read 11 books to make this much easier to do.

Thanks to:

Bluemoose books

Storgy books

Elliot & Thompson

Sandstone Press

Eland Publishing

Sagging Meniscus Press

Dead Ink Books

Alternating Current Press

Galley Beggar Press

Flame Tree Press


Horror Sleaze Trash

Haus Publishing

Anne Cater @ Random Things Tours

And all the other authors that sent me copies of their books to read and review, I’ll always find it amazing that an author can be happy with my random babbling. Here’s to the books of 2022

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