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DIY or Die by Andy Carrington


Autonomous collection of works.




What I Says: It feels like an age since I last read a book by Andy Carrington, so much has gone on in life and that has made the last few years feel like a blur. Carrington has spent that time working on this collection, taking influence from the scenes of COVID chaos, illegal parties, bog roll hoarding, the destruction of the NHS and everything else by the incompetent Boris and the treatment of the workers right at the bottom of the ladder.

My favourite aspect of Carrington’s work has always been the punk in his writing, all you need to do is look at one poem and you can see the rage and utter contempt, the words have literally been spat onto the page and they ain’t happy being there. Before starting each poem I would check out the layout and be smiling as I started reading. He can always capture my mood too, what he writes here is what I am thinking when I read the news reports or reading the craziness on Twitter. There are 29 poems here, they are all very good and the following are a few of my favourites.

“Tourists F**k Off” is one of the first poems to hit you and make you smile when you realised what Carrington is actually writing about is not what you expected, I actually gave this one a little clap.

“Help Are Own” felt like a recap of the last couple of years, it will make you sick with how low England can go and in Help Are Own Carrington show’s just how shallow we can be.

“Blast off” I hate fireworks, my family hate fireworks, the dog hates fireworks and Carrington gives a great suggestion of where those fireworks can be shoved. Fantastic poem!

If you’ve never read anything by Carrington then go check him out HERE, plenty of work there for you to check out.

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