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Always More: New & Selected Poems by John D. Robinson

What Da Cover Says: Horror Sleaze Trash proudly presents the poems of John D Robinson.

“These are survivor poems, battle scarred verse that hits the soul and assaults the frontal lobe. Here is a poet who has lived several lives and emerged on the other side intact.” —Joseph Ridgwell, author of Burrito Deluxe

“This book is not decorative art. This book is not the exercise of the commercial artisan. This book is stripped of 21st century consumer bullshit. This book is a way in to what matters. Get ready. It is going to hurt. And you will love it.” —Henry Stanton, UnCollected Press.

What I Says: This is some of the grimiest, down-right nasty poetry you’ll ever have the pleasure to read…it is also some of the most sensitive and moving poetry you’ll ever read. Robinson shares with us his fights, his self-abuse (drink and drugs), his relationships, his highs and his lows. He gives his opinions of those who abuse kids, I have never read anything like those, the rage is so intense that it feels like the letters have been punched onto the pages and it is written in such a way that you are left feeling that rage.

The stand-out poem in this collection that I have now read a few times is “No Hang-ups here” incredible opening lines are matched by the closing lines. You’ll find yourself laughing, shaking your head in disgust or holding your head in shame…he really does get under your skin and you forget these are somebody else’s words.

If I had to describe John D. Robinson I would say he was a fine human being who loved children and animals and nature, a gentle spirit and spiritual guy who scribbled poetry…pretty sure I must have picked up those words subliminally. Read this as it’s a corker of a collection.

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