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Everything Dissolves by Hank Kirton

What Da Cover Says: Treading the viscous, lysergic fluid between unshackled dreams and a world wracked with doubt, Kirton presents 23 stories from an intemperate brain, a peek beneath the calcified crust of hope, love, and life lived on the edge. True to its title, Everything Dissolves into a slushy sludge of longing, loathing, and the mess left in between.

What I Says: I reckon that Kirton has captured the essence of an acid trip within these pages, using flash fiction (each story around 2 pages long) he takes you from one trippy story to another with barely a chance to take a breath. Each story jumps between violent, drunken, drug fuelled worlds with a pinch of sex added to distort the vivid stories just a little bit more. And just when you are starting to be worn out trying to keep up with these short trips the last story brings you down to Earth, it’s a story of three lads going to a funeral after taking acid and it is far longer than what came previously. Witnessing what those guys were going through calms the reader and almost prepares them for entry into the real world. I’ve no idea if any of that was intentional but that’s how if felt to me….In fact I’m not 100% certain that I have left the story and maybe none of this is real……..

This book is good fun but possibly not suitable for those that prefer a book to…..actually no, it’s suitable for all! Give it a read.

You can get the book from Amazon or download the PDF version for free from HERE:

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