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Fat Sensei by Kevin Berg

What Da Cover Says: It’s new release day at Video Hole and nothing can stop Gill from getting the latest instalment of his favourite film series, not even childhood heroes. Make the journey with him or step aside, lest you get chopped in the fucking neck meat.

What I Says: Gosh this brings back the old memories, the after school Friday trip to the video shop with the family to see what new VHS was in, every single tape facing forwards so you could see every awesome cover, at times it could be overwhelming, the colours and words jumping out at you. I’ll always remember renting My Stepmother is an Alien and the awkwardness in the living room as you could see Kim Basinger’s nips (a 1 TV household). Streaming just isn’t the same 😦

This book follows Gill on his birthday, a total karate…sorry I mean karate expert, it’s VHS release day and the final instalment of Stevie Seagull’s new karate flick is out, Gill has one job…get there for when the store opens to be first to get his mitts on this life changing movie. Destiny has other ideas and throws bad guy after bad guy in his way, Gill teams up with unlikely hero grumps and together they battle their way to the store for the final boss showdown.

This book is nasty, it will make you cringe with the many many bodily fluids that get a mention, it is super violent, up there with American Psycho, there is something to offend everyone…and it has a spinning nut-sack, does any other book have the “balls” to include that? I think not! I loved it, every page is like a refreshing punch to the face so get on board and give it a read…..don’t make me chop you in the fucking neck meat!

If you are wandering about the cover, it is another fantastic piece of art from Marcel Herms, check out his work HERE:

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