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The Lost Spells reviewed by Cassidy

The follow-up to the internationally bestselling sensation The Lost WordsThe Lost Spells is a beautiful collection of poems and illustrations that evokes the magic of the everyday natural world.

Since its publication in 2017, The Lost Words has enchanted readers with its poetry and illustrations of the natural world. Now, The Lost Spells, a book kindred in spirit and tone, continues to re-wild the lives of children and adults.

The Lost Spells evokes the wonder of everyday nature, conjuring up red foxes, birch trees, jackdaws, and more in poems and illustrations that flow between the pages and into readers’ minds. Robert Macfarlane’s spell-poems and Jackie Morris’s watercolour illustrations are musical and magical: these are summoning spells, words of recollection, charms of protection. To read The Lost Spells is to see anew the natural world within our grasp and to be reminded of what happens when we allow it to slip away.

The lost spells is poems about bugs, birds and animals and has great vocabulary. I learned more about birds and found out about the strongest bug (a water bear) this was my favourite part. I have no dislikes about this book. I recommend this book especially if you like nature. I give this book a ten out of ten.

After reading this book I did this piece of artwork.