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Cover Reveal: Immoral Origins by Lee Matthew Goldberg

It is my great pleasure to be included in the cover reveal of the first book in the Desire Card series by Lee Matthew Goldberg, the first book Immoral Origins is released on June 15th by Wolfpack Publishing/Rough Edges Press. So what is the series about?

Lee Matthew Goldberg’s THE DESIRE CARD series of international thrillers mixes Elmore Leonard with a Tarantino edge. It explores the characters and situations around a card (and sinister organization) that promises “any wish fulfilled for the right price,” and what we will do to survive when money isn’t enough to get everything we want.

Who is this Lee Matthew Goldberg? (Don’t all assassins have 3 names)

Lee Matthew Goldberg is the author of nine novels including THE ANCESTOR and THE MENTOR and the YA series RUNAWAY TRAIN. His books are in various stages of development for film and TV off of his original scripts. He has been published in multiple languages and nominated for the Prix du Polar. VANISH ME will be out in Feb’22. After graduating with an MFA from the New School, his writing has also appeared as a contributor in Pipeline Artists, LitHub, The Los Angeles Review of Books, The Millions, Vol. 1 Brooklyn, LitReactor, Mystery Tribune, The Big Idea, Monkey bicycle, Fiction Writers Review, Cagibi, Necessary Fiction, Hypertext, If My Book, Past Ten, the anthology Dirty Boulevard, The Montreal Review, The Adirondack Review, The NewPlains Review, Maudlin House, Underwood Press and others. His pilots and screenplays have been finalists in Script Pipeline, Book Pipeline, Stage 32, We Screenplay, the New York Screenplay, Screen craft, and the Hollywood Screenplay contests. He is the co-curator of The Guerrilla Lit Reading Series and lives in New York City. Follow him at

What is Immoral Origins all about?

New York City, 1978. Disco and mobsters, gritty streets, needle parks and graffiti on the subways. Jake Barnum lives in Hell’s Kitchen, a petty thief selling hot coats with his buddy Maggs to make ends to meet and help his sick kid brother Emile. At a Halloween party downtown, he meets a woman with a Marilyn Monroe mask that works for an organization called The Desire Card, an underground operation promising its exclusive clients “Any Wish Fulfilled for the Right Price.” Its members all wear lifelike masks of old movie stars to remain incognito, and Jake is instantly taken with its leader, Clark Gable, who becomes a pseudo father but is a sociopath at heart. Jake has always thought of himself as Robin Hood, stealing from the rich to give to the poor (i.e. himself), so he becomes Errol Flynn. As he falls in with the Card and in love with Marilyn, the money rolls in but the wishes become more and more suspect, even leading to murder.  The first book in the Desire Card series, Immoral Origins is a pulse-pounding thriller that asks how far we will shed our morals to help the ones we love and an origin story that will pick up in the present time with its sequel Prey No More, once Gable has taken his deceptive organization to an elite, international status. The books all following those indebted to this sinister organization, where the actual price is the cost of one’s soul. 

The Cover!!!!

Super slick design, the title really pops out at you the the image has enough intrigue to make you pick up the book to read the blurb. Top stuff. If seeing the cover AND reading the blurb ain’t enough whet your appetite then you’re in luck cos below is a short excerpt, read on and I’m sure you’ll be adding to your TBR list.


The hammer makes a clicking sound, whoever it is ain’t fucking around. I should’ve seen this coming. It’s either the one I fear, or he’s sent someone in his place because he’s too gutless to do it himself. Fucking bastard. Had me strip away every shred of morals and left me a hollow cave. Over the years, the blood on my palms has seeped into my love lines, my life lines, my fate lines. I’ve visited the graves of those I’d put in the earth. I expect nothing less than a direct elevator to hell when this tormentor finally pulls the trigger. Maybe I’ve been waiting for it. Doing exactly the wrong thing in the hopes that I’ll see the end. Because there’s no escaping. That’s what the Desire Card promises along with every wish it fulfills.

But it wasn’t always supposed to be this way. Troublemaking kid from Hell’s Kitchen—  sure—but mostly petty crimes. Figuring out ways to steal from the rich and give to the poor (i.e. me). Yeah, I’d spent time behind bars, but baby bars, not maximum security. Shoplifting something stupid. Drunk tank. Purse snatch. Drunk tank. Breaking and entering (they never proved that one). Maggs and I did it mostly because we were bored. I’d dropped out of high school and so did he. We flipped burgers at a smelly diner on Eighth Avenue but that paid shit. Then I was fired and Maggs quit out of loyalty because we’d done everything together since the sandbox. And my girl Cheryl wanted a diamond tennis bracelet because she heard some celebrity on TV yapping about her husband getting her one for their anniversary. I was already planning on dumping Cheryl because I’d heard she got with Crazy Eddie who fucked anything with limbs and might’ve given her the clap. But at the time, I’d seen this tennis bracelet in the window at Tiffany’s and my god did it twinkle. I figured even if Cheryl didn’t deserve it, my next girl would. So I tried to swipe it and SLAMMO—jail time number five. Maggs bailed me out with money he lifted from his mom and I moved back home with my folks and ailing little brother Emile who’d spent half of his life in hospitals. Ma yelled at me to take my GED and get a job. Pop tanned me with his belt. Emile cried. I went to sleep with the left side of my body all bruised and swore I’d figure out some way to wrench my life out of the pits I’d been in for too long.

And voila, on Halloween Night 1978, I was dressed like Robin Hood because he fit my motto and met Marilyn Monroe. A masked wonder who led me on the path of greatness before death came lurking. To this gun poking the back of my head. To my brains Jackson Pollocked on the wall. But that night, I was simply star struck…

There we go a fantastic sounding book to start of this series, I’ll definitely be giving it a go.

Thanks for reading.

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Book Cover Reveal: The Case of the Missing Firefly by Chris McDonald

It’s time for another book cover reveal, this one is Chris McDonald’s latest book, it is book four in the Stonebridge Mysteries, the previous books have had some cracking covers so this one has a lot to live up to.

So here we go, the cover…

The Case of the Missing Firefly by Chris McDonald

Fantastic looking cover, lives up to expectations and fits in with the series perfectly.

What Da Cover Says:

The notoriously hard-drinking, backstabbing Stonebridge Radio crew are having their Hallowe’en party on Winkle Island, rumoured to be the most haunted place in Northern Ireland. Unfortunately, Adam and Colin are there too, having accepted an easy payday from Colin’s event organising mother.

At dinner, a shocking announcement is followed by an even more shocking murder, and the theft of a priceless Firefly necklace. To top it all, thanks to a raging storm, everyone is trapped on the island.

Faced with devious radio presenters, a strange tour guide, and a rampaging murderer, Adam and Colin are back in business.

The Case of the Missing Firefly is the fourth in the Stonebridge Mysteries series of cosy crime novellas.

You can Pre-Order in paperback, hardback or eBook from HERE:

The previous covers in the series:

Cover Reveals

Book Cover Reveal: Out Front the Following Sea by Leah Angstman

Well this is super exciting, my first ever cover reveal, seeing as I have never done one of these before I’ve no idea how to lay this out so I am just gonna wing it…leave the complaints in the comments as per usual. When I am looking for a new book to read (I mean add to the huge tbr pile) the cover is the most important thing, if the cover draws me in then I’m gonna give it a go, if the it is uninspired I’m gonna skip it, this process has never let me down…so no pressure on Leah Angstman for being my first in the cover revealing business.

So with no more delays here is the cover for…..

OUT FRONT THE FOLLOWING SEA: A Novel of King William’s War in 17th-Century New England BY LEAH ANGSTMAN

Sooooooo……I’m impressed, nice choice of colours and I really like the bold edges to the illustrations and there is enough happening on the front to draw me in, pick up the book and look closer. The title is intriguing and the seemingly abandoned lady on the cliff edge leaves you wondering what it is all about. The question is “is it good enough to earn a spot on my bookshelf?” HELL YEAH IT IS!!!!

What’s the book about?

OUT FRONT THE FOLLOWING SEA is a historical epic of one woman’s survival in a time when the wilderness is still wild, heresy is publicly punishable, and being independent is worse than scorned—it is a death sentence.

At the onset of King William’s War between French and English settlers in 1689 New England, Ruth Miner is accused of witchcraft for the murder of her parents and must flee the brutality of her town. She stows away on the ship of the only other person who knows her innocence: an audacious sailor—Owen—bound to her by years of attraction, friendship, and shared secrets. But when Owen’s French ancestry finds him at odds with a violent English commander, the turmoil becomes life-or-death for the sailor, the headstrong Ruth, and the cast of Quakers, Pequot Indians, soldiers, highwaymen, and townsfolk dragged into the fray. Now Ruth must choose between sending Owen to the gallows or keeping her own neck from the noose. Steeped in historical events and culminating in a little-known war on pre-American soil, OUT FRONT THE FOLLOWING SEA is a story of early feminism, misogyny, arbitrary rulings, persecution, and the treatment of outcasts, with parallels still mirrored and echoed in today’s society. The debut novel will appeal to readers of Paulette Jiles, Alexander Chee, Hilary Mantel, James Clavell, Bernard Cornwell, TaraShea Nesbit, Geraldine Brooks, Stephanie Dray, Patrick O’Brian, and E. L. Doctorow.

Publication Date: January 11, 2022

Regal House Publishing

Hardcover, Paperback, eBook, Audiobook; 334 pages

Genre: Historical / Literary / Epic

**Shortlisted for the Chaucer Book Award**

Who is the author then?

Leah Angstman is a historian and transplanted Michigander living in Boulder. OUT FRONT THE FOLLOWING SEA, her debut novel of King William’s War in 17th-century New England, is forthcoming from Regal House in January 2022. Her writing has been a finalist for the Saluda River Prize, Cowles Book Prize, Able Muse Book Award, Bevel Summers Fiction Prize, and Chaucer Book Award, and has appeared in Publishers Weekly, L.A. Review of Books, Nashville Review, Slice, and elsewhere. She serves as editor-in-chief for Alternating Current and The Coil magazine and copyeditor for Underscore News, which has included editing partnerships with ProPublica. She is an appointed vice chair of a Colorado historical commission and liaison to a Colorado historic preservation committee.

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Here’s the cover again 🙂


“With OUT FRONT THE FOLLOWING SEA, Leah Angstman reveals herself as a brave new voice in historical fiction. With staggering authenticity, Angstman gives us a story of America before it was America—an era rife with witch hunts and colonial intrigue and New World battles all but forgotten in our history books and popular culture. This is historical fiction that speaks to the present, recalling the bold spirits and cultural upheavals of a nation yet to be born.”


“OUT FRONT THE FOLLOWING SEA is a fascinating book, the kind of historical novel that evokes its time and place so vividly that the effect is just shy of hallucinogenic. I enjoyed it immensely.”


So you want a copy of the book?


Print copy from REGAL HOUSE or amazon kindle

You can also request an ARC from TNBBC PUBLICITY

That’s it, my first cover reveal done. I’ll update it soon once I’ve read and reviewed the book.