Any Day You Can Die by Thommy Waite – Audiobook Launch & Giveaway

Any Day You Can Die by Thommy Waite is a satirical novel about digital nomad gringos getting up to mischief (aka selling drugs on the dark web) in Medellín, Colombia. One of the best transgressive books to come out in recent years, it’s a proper good romp filled with sex, drugs, booze, a wee bit more sex, and a pinch more drugs, and a whole load of intrigue. Imagine the guys from Trainspotting with some crazy IT skills, picture the damage and chaos they could cause, and that is the book you’ve got here.

To see just how awesome this book is you can see my review of the book from last year and I also did a proper interview with Australian author Thommy Waite.

Thommy recently announced the launch of the audiobook version on Audible (which he narrated himself) and shared a launch video which is a psychedelic mood board of the themes explored in the novel.

Check out the ebook and paperback versions of Any Day You Can Die on Amazon, plus listen to a sample of the audiobook:





Exclusive Any Day You Can Die Audiobook Giveaway for Gnome Appreciation Subscribers

Thommy has kindly offered to run an audiobook giveaway for Gnome Appreciation subscribers. There’s two audiobook copies up for grabs – one for a US listener and one for a UK listener. There’s two ways to enter:

1) Post on Twitter with the hashtag #gnomeappreciation and tag @thommwaite

2) Email Thommy directly with the subject line ‘Gnome Appreciation’

For either option, be sure to mention whether you’re in the US or UK.

Giveaway Terms:

  • You have until midnight EST Friday Feb 18, 2022 to enter. 
  • Thommy will randomly select two winners, one from the US and one from the UK, and publicly announce the winners on Twitter on Monday Feb 21, 2022
  • Winners will receive their unique promo codes via DM or email so they can download the Any Day You Can Die audiobook (8 hours and 39 minutes total running time) on Audible.
  • Only listeners in the US or UK can enter this giveaway.

Good luck from Thommy and all the Gnomes out there watching you from the darkness of your garden!