Stunning piece of art

Chaotic Shapes


Finished the drawing last night.

Never really know what to say or explain after a drawing. I’ll do my best to explain this one.

At the beginning of creating this piece of art, like always, you never know what the final product will look like. You can have ideas and use your imagination.

But however, if you give up on something, nothing will be achieved. This drawing was quite fun to create in the process.

Before making a drawing I have no idea, or plan to what’s next to create. It kinda happens in the moment. I look through pictures and focus on certain things.

Looked through 100’s of pictures and usually there’s one that catches my eye.

This one caught my eye and I sketched this one. It’s as if the drawing lured me in and I didn’t choose the drawing. This life happens to you and everything is…

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Le Rapport Pilecki by Witold Pilecki


What da cover says:  In 1940, the Polish Underground wanted to know what was happening inside the recently opened Auschwitz concentration camp. Polish army officer Witold Pilecki volunteered to be arrested by the Germans and reported from inside the camp. His intelligence reports, smuggled out in 1941, were among the first eyewitness accounts of Auschwitz atrocities: the extermination of Soviet POWs, its function as a camp for Polish political prisoners, and the “final solution” for Jews. Pilecki received brutal treatment until he escaped in April 1943; soon after, he wrote a brief report. This book is the first English translation of a 1945 expanded version. In the foreword, Poland’s chief rabbi states, “If heeded, Pilecki’s early warnings might have changed the course of history.” Pilecki’s story was suppressed for half a century after his 1948 arrest by the Polish Communist regime as a “Western spy.” He was executed and expunged from Polish history. Pilecki writes in staccato style but also interjects his observations on humankind’s lack of progress: “We have strayed, my friends, we have strayed dreadfully… we are a whole level of hell worse than animals!”

What I says:  I had never heard of Witold Pilecki, it’s not something I was taught about at school. I’ve mentioned him to my friends and nobody had heard of him. I work at a school and mentioned him to the history teacher, she didn’t know the name either. I find that quite shocking, one of the biggest heroes from WW2 and he is unknown by many.

Pilecki volunteered to get arrested and sent to Auschwitz and report back the goings on in there. He succeeded on gaining access and whilst there he built up an resistance network of over 150 prisoners. They kept themselves alive, they helped who they could, either with food, jobs or escape. They managed to create a radio and they also sent many reports to Warsaw describing what was happening and how many people were murdered. They managed all this while faced everyday with the possibility of death. Eventually things became too hot for Pilecki and after 2 1/2 years in Auschwitz he decided it was time to escape. The scenes described are predictably brutal but still it makes you ill just reading about what the victims went through.

When I finished the book I made the mistake of googling Pilecki to see how he enjoyed living his heroes’ life after the war, amazingly soon after the war he was arrested by the Stalinist Secret Police and executed. It took many many years before he finally got the recognition he deserved.

Brilliant book that everybody should check out.



Prezident Scumbag! the Paperback is now out plus Sick Bastard release their Xmas No.1!

Check out the paperback release of Prezident Scumbag just in time for Christmas. Also Sick Bastard have released their Christmas single.

Rupert Dreyfus

“Dreyfus writes with the darkly absurd humour of a thirsty and somewhat paranoid Jonathan Swift.”

– PopMatters

Finally, after much parping around, celebrated rebel author Rupert Dreyfus has released the first instalment of his anti-Trump series of novellas in paperback form. After Spark reached the top 10 spot on Amazon and The Rebel’s Sketchbook was named as the top read of 2015 by The Morning Star, Prezident Scumbag! is set to become his most memorable work to date.

Here’s the lowdown

“While kicking about their squat, a community of crust punks from the north of England learn all about the newly elected President of the World. Turns out this president happens to be their worst nightmare in a shirt and tie. He is, in their words, a corporate swine who promises to make things do stuff tomorrow. Nobody has a fucking clue what he’s talking about.


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Three Years of Guerrilla Fiction Publications!

Congrats to Rupert 3 brilliant years of Guerrilla Fiction Publications

Rupert Dreyfus

Almost three years ago to the very day I put out my debut novel Spark. If my brother hadn’t convinced me to do it then it would never have happened because I presumed it was awful and that everyone would hate my guts. Fifty Goodreads reviews later and it’s still doing alright.

Since then I’ve released a number of stories under Guerrilla Fiction Publications. I’ve covered subjects such as the war against the poor, climate change, North Korea and talentless boybands. Each of them are intended to provide an alternative to likeminded people and to keep the spirit of counterculture alive when life online is becoming increasingly homogenised.

As far as independent releases go my stories have travelled a fair bit over the last three years and I’m eternally grateful for the support I’ve received. In a world of point-and-click disposability, I don’t take any of it for granted…

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This is my blog.  Not sure what I’m gonna put on it yet and whether it will last longer than a week. First blog is for saying hello and seeing what I can put on here….

rocky wonderful

….That’s me.  Super handsome.

Roight that’s it for now.  Might put a book review up next.