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Sepultura by Guy Portman

37562255What da cover says:  A sociopath can only keep up a façade for so long.

Dyson Devereux is a busy man, with a challenging new job at Paleham Council and a young son. He would be coping just fine were it not for crass colleagues, banal bureaucracy and contemptible clothes. He is not going to take it lying down.

Because beneath Dyson’s charming, Italian delicacy-consuming veneer lurks something sinister. As his personal and professional lives threaten to spiral out of control, will Dyson’s true nature be revealed?

Compulsive and brimming with satirical wit, Sepultura is a caustic black comedy featuring an unforgettable sociopath.

What I says:  I love this type of crime novel where you get to spend some quality time inside the head of a killer.  There is none of the old “whodunnit” this is all about how will Dyson control this situation.

Dyson seems to have come a long way since Necropolis. He still has an eye for fashion, food and quality kitchenware and he still knows how to get in a dig at Celine Dion.  He is calm and controlled under any situation and for a sociopath he has a bit of a sense of humour.  The first book was almost the birth of the killer, this one is the killer at work.  There is still a few scenes which you can’t help but compare again to American Psycho, especially the scenes where Dyson looks to be on the edge of losing control, that is where the comparison ends though as Dyson is a far better developed character.

Anybody with any sense can’t help but agree with Dyson’s actions, the characters he has to deal with on a daily basis would turn most into killers.

The ending was brilliant, everything is all set up for an incredible third book, now I’ve just gotta somehow patiently wait for it’s release.


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