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Torpor: Or, The Disquieted Vicissitudes of the Inchoate by Jack CJ Stark

What Da Cover Says: Each night whilst everyone else was praying for good health and fortune, Arwen prayed for change.

It arrived on a dank winter night.

A Ma Shen folk tale told to and via Jack CJ Stark.

What I Says: There is a song by Bob Dylan called “Bob Dylan’s 115th Dream” it’s a song that draws you in, takes you on the strangest of trips and leaves you smiling with how much fun it was. The reading experience of this book was very similar to Dylan’s song and it left me wondering just how much cheese does Stark eat before bedtime? The story starts off nice and gentle you have a village protected behind a tall wall, we meet Arwen and Heylyn, potential heroes? Arwen doesn’t really fit in with everybody else in the village, they come across as very standard run-of-the-mill type people whilst Arwen is a larger than life girl, I instantly liked her, and Heylyn too…there is another kid but he was a right muppet. Everything seems very normal until one day they wake up and a strange cart has appeared in a nearby field…this side of the wall. It’s at this point that everything seems to go a bit wonky.

I do enjoy Stark’s short stories, it takes a real talent to write a book that is only 85 pages long and make the reader feel like they have read an epic novel. Whilst reading I kept thinking that the writing was like a particular author (Not naming names as that might give away spoilers) then I would change my mind and think it was like another author, in the end I decided these Ma Shen stories are all Stark, there really isn’t anybody else there to compare…..accept maybe Dylan.

As with previous books of Stark’s you get his sense of humour included and that has to be my favourite part, it’s a gentle humour that creeps up on you and before you know it you’re already laughing. I’ve recommended all his other books and I recommend this one too, they just keep getting better and better.

If you wanna get a copy then you can get a copy from SMASHWORDS where you can pay what you want for a copy…My suggestion is £1million.

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