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2020: A Year in Taiwan by Ray Hecht

What Da Cover Says: Ray Hecht recaps how he spent the year 2020 in Taiwan in the form of a short comic following on from his comic biography Always Goodbye.

What I Says: I loved this and I want more, a fantastic way to look back on the past, ya know when they do those specials on TV where they look back on events for a particular year? Well this is like that but with a much better narrator. The illustrations are great, it’s the style I like, pencil drawings and all writing is hand written, being a little rough around the edges gives it a bit of character.

2020 was an epic year (yeah I know 2021 is trying to top it) and Ray shares with us all the big events, some of which I had forgotten (the shock death of the black panther for one) and he shares what he was doing during the lockdown in Taiwan…it’s amazing how calm things can be when you don’t have a bumbling buffoon in charge. There are only 15 pages but it feels like Ray has done a grand job of trying to make sense of all the madness whilst managing to include a few personal events into the mix.

Make sure you read Always Goodbye first as this is more like an epilogue for the main book. I hope Ray produces one for 2021.


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